Monday, August 10, 2015


Some movies age more gracefully than others. Even 20 years later Sneakers continues to entertain despite how much of the plot revolves around technology of the time. Robert Redford leads an unusual team of experts blackmailed by who they believe to be the NSA into stealing a Russian mathmatician's little black box which is the key to decrypting all known codes.

Along with a former CIA agent (Sidney Poitier), a blind computer expert (David Strathairn), a conspiracy nut (Dan Aykroyd), a hotshot kid (River Phoenix), and his ex-girlfriend (Mary McDonnell), Martin Biship (Redford) will attempt to stay one-step ahead of both government agents and shadowy figures (Timothy Busfield, Eddie Jones) while trying to capture the box and trade it for their freedom.

With the stellar cast (which also includes supporting roles by Ben Kingsley and Stephen Tobolowsky), Sneakers provides a humor-packed thriller complete with conspiracies, blind-man stunt driving, and the best use of Scrabble ever seen on film.

The new Blu-ray includes previously-released extras such as a short behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the movie, the film's trailer, and audio commentary by writer/director Phil Alden Robinson. There's not enough here to justify upgrading if you already own the movie on DVD, but if you have never seen it (or haven't given it a look in years) Sneakers is definitely worth checking out.

[Universal Studios, $19.98]

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