Thursday, August 20, 2015

Clipped - Reunion

Clipped closes out it's First Season with a high school reunion finale for most of the employees of the barber shop. Along with introducing us to the prom date Danni (Ashley Tisdale) dumped in favor of A.J. (Mike Castle), and allow Ben (Ryan Pinkston) to confront an old bully (or at least attempt to), "Reunion" also reveals Charmaine's (Diona Reasonover) secret wish to have been a cheerleader in high school.

The episode's B-story involves Joy (Lauren Lapkus) missing out on most of the night, including Charmaine and Mo (Matt Cook) performing for the crowd, while getting sidetracked with others' problems in the ongoing theme of the character being too nice for her own good. Clipped has proven to be a mildly diverting summer sitcom where the talents in front of the camera are consitently better than those behind it. Given the news Tisdale has been cast as a recurring character in NBC's new sitcom Truth Be Told as Mark-Paul Gosselaar's sister (okay, that's pretty good casting) I'm curious to see whether Clipped will return next year for a second season or if this may be its swan song.

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