Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tale of the Yokai

Before returning home, the Turtles' time-traveling adventures continue as the find themselves trapped in Japan of the recent past where a battle between brothers will set the stage for their existence. In a homage to Back to the Future, the Turtles begin to see their loved ones disappear from a picture on their Turtle Phone as they realize, despite how much they want to, they are unable to change the past without drastically effecting their future.

Mistaken as mystical Yokai, our heroes spend their time in the past convincing Tang Shen (Minae Noji) that Hamato Yoshi (Hoon Lee) and not Oroku Saki (Kevin Michael Richardson) is the man she should end with. Although sucessful, the Turtles are unable to prevent Saki's betrayal and the tragedy that will take Shen's life and separate Yoshi from his daughter for years. It may not be as much wacky fun as "Turtles in Time," but "Tale of the Yokai" does flesh out the background of Splinter and Shredder while allowing our heroes in a half-shell to catch a glimpes of the events which destroyed their family.

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