Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Elementary - To Catch a Predator Predator

Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) are called in to investigate a murder the detectives believe are tied to the public Internet beatings and shaming of pedophiles. Learning that their victim was the man responsible for creating fake profiles on dating websites and luring pedophiles into admitting their proclivities, the detectives turn their attention on the men who their victim shamed. What they discover is more complicated, however, as one of the men beaten and exposed by their victim was actually innocent. And the true reason for his murder came from an entirely different motive.

The twist involving the reveal of the murderer (Conor Leslie) works well, mainly because we (like Sherlock) like the character who if she wasn't headed off to prison would have made an interesting recurring character for the show. The episode continues the season's trend to give considerable subplot time to Watson working with Shinwell. Providing him clothes for job interviews and even offering to tutor him in detecting, Joan is unable to find the right way to help the young man. For the second time this season the plot thread suggests that Shinwell's eventual effect on Watson's life will be, at best, a tragic one as the violence of his prison life appears to have followed the man to life in New York City.

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