Thursday, November 17, 2016

No Tomorrow - No Debts Remain Unpaid

Secrets and truths are the name of the game in "No Debts Remain Unpaid" which teaches each couple that honest communication is always preferable than hiding the truth from your spouse. Xavier (Joshua Sasse) learns this lesson by attempting to keep his mountain of credit card debt from Evie (Tori Anderson) for "her good." For the man who believes the world is coming to an end in less than a year it makes complete sense that he'd be living on credit, although for a guy who came up with a complex theory about the end of the world (based on science) you'd expect he'd be a little better with math and plan not to go broke so early.

Trying to help her parents be honest with each other, who are struggling financially now that her father (Ted McGinley) has decided to live out life-long pipe dream, Evie takes the group on a pirate cruise (okay, it's not exactly a cruise if the boat doesn't move). As with Xavier, her parents learn the lesson of being honest about their fears and working together on their problems in the future (and rum!). For Hank (Jonathan Langdon) and Timothy (Jesse Rath) this means lying to their new romantic partners about the little things (with varying levels of success). While Timothy's white lies seemingly have helped him make a solid start at moving on from Evie, Hank's decisions nearly torpedo his burgeoning relationship with Dierdre (Amy Pietz).

The most complicated relationship, however, turns out to Kareema's (Sarayu Blue) attraction to her brother's fiance (Marta Milans) which allows the normally sharp-as-nails character to let her guard down for once. Learning that the marriage is nothing but a Green Card sham, gives her the greenlight to be honest and give into her feelings, but the fact that her brother has also fallen in love with his friend complicates matters even further. For an episode as busy as this, "No Debts Remain Unpaid" works well by playing on common themes that tie the various threads together. Even the over-the-top scenes with Hank and Diedre rankle me too much this week, and I honestly enjoyed seeing a human side of Kareema for once. It's sad that the show, along with Evie and Xavier, seems to be finally finding its footing just as news has come out that The CW has decided not to order any more episodes of the series. I guess there really is No Tomorrow.

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