Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lucifer - My Little Monkey

"My Little Monkey" undercuts the emotion of both Chloe (Lauren German) reopening her father's murder case and Linda (Rachael Harris) shutting out Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt while struggling to process the truth of Lucifer (Tom Ellis), with a goofy plot involving Lucifer douching-up to work alongside Dan (Kevin Alejandro). While humorous at times, this turns what could have been another extremely good episode into a more forgettable one.

Angry first that the man responsible for killing her father is getting a furlough, Chloe is then faced with the truth that the person convicted of her father's murder is actually innocent. If ever there was a time for Lucifer to be in full punishment mode this is it, but attempting to become a more caring individual leads him to dress, talk, and act like Detective Douche for most of the episode while hoping to learn his "secret." The scenes don't play well against the honest emotion of Maze being snubbed by Linda or Chloe's emotional roller-coaster. As a result the episode turns out more gimmicky than it should.

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