Sunday, November 27, 2016

Star Wars Rebels - The Wynkahthu Job

Like the past three episodes, "The Wynkahthu Job" feels a bit like filler as we continue to wait for the season's big events to get underway. At least this episode does offer the return of the amusing Hondo (Jim Cummings) who it seems Ezra (Taylor Gray) still hasn't given up hope for. Partnering with Azmorigan (James Hong), the disreputable characters bring a proposal too good to be passed up by the Rebellion (even if is suicidal). An Imperial Class 4 Container Transport is in decaying atmospheric orbit of the planet Wynkahthu. While the greedy Hondo and Azmorigan want to split the treasures aboard the abandoned craft, the Ghost's crew is far more interested in its cargo of proton bombs which are in scarce supply for the Rebellion.

A rather basic heist episode, things don't go quite as planned as Hondo neglects to mention how the ship ended up in its current state and Azmorigan's rash actions cause the shipboard defenses to kick-in, nearly taking out the team before they can make it off the ship before it gets pulled into the vortex. There's also some light animosity between Ezra and Zeb (Steve Blum) when the padawan learns his pal has been given control of the mission (presumably for the sole purpose to inject some weak tension into their dynamic). It may be better than the past couple of episodes, but I'm still waiting for the season to hit its stride, to make Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) a major player, and to reveal just what has happened to the other Jedi and Sith since we've seen them last.

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