Saturday, November 5, 2016

No Tomorrow - No Regrets

Filled with more crazy antics and crossing off a few regrets from their bucket lists, "No Regrets" makes serious headway in putting some distance between itself and last week's episode which ended in disappointing romantic cliche. For Xavier (Joshua Sasse) this means righting a childhood wrong involving a stolen baseball card (which turns out to be harder than expected) as well as finally admitting to Evie (Tori Anderson) the true extent of his feelings. For Evie it means attempting to mend the fences of a childhood friend (Allyn Rachel) she abandoned in high school to be part of the cool clique.

The ruined high school friendship turned petty vendetta allows the show to paint Evie in a new light while making Fran more than just your regular office foil. The storyline also allows Evie to make a geniune act of contrition rather than a simple apology. Xavier's journey turns out to be more of a scavenger hunt but it does offer a goofy heist sequence and some time on a therapist's couch where he comes to terms with what he wants from Evie and what he needs to do. Even in the show's subplot the show begins moving away from dragging its feet as Hank's (Jonathan Langdon) flirtations with his Internet girlfriend (Diana Bang) finally force him to admit his true feelings for Dierdre (Amy Pietz) and allows the show to drop the increasingly awkward tete-a-tete between the pair.

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