Saturday, February 25, 2017

Astro City #41

After 22 years and issues spanning more than a dozen series, mini-series, and one-shots, Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson deliver the 100th issue of Astro City with Astro City #41. Very much in the same vein of those stories that have come before, the over-sized issue is presented not from the perspective of a hero but an ordinary man whose life was touched by heroes. Beginning in the Great Depression, we're told the story of the the Astro-Naut (a world-class inventor and hero responsible for giving the town its name) through the narration of a City Councilman who witnessed the ups and downs of the city and the hero over the years.

Totally accessible, the issue could be read easily by those who have followed the adventures in Astro City over two decades or someone picking up their first comic book. Nostalgic and wistful (two more trademarks of Busiek and Anderson's work), Astro City #41 in one comic you don't want to pass up about a hero who was more than just a cape and whose convictions helped him save the world (from both internal and external threats). Must-read.

[Vertigo, $4.99]

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