Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Michael J. Fox 4-Movie Laugh Pack

This two-disc set collects four comedies of Michael J. Fox. As a set it's problematic given you only have one good film here, one okay movie, one not-so-great flick, and one pretty awful piece of garbage. However, at the cost of $10 you are only really paying for the good movie, so it turns out to be a bit of a wash.

Starting from worst to best, 1994's Greedy is a dumpster fire of a film about a greedy family after an old man's (Kirk Douglas) fortune. 1991's The Hard Way is an ill-conceived, but not all-together worthless, buddy-cop comedy starring Fox as an actor partnered with a real detective (James Woods). 1993's For Love or Money is a pretty standard romcom casting Fox as a concierge with dreams of owning his own hotel who falls for the mistress (Gabrielle Anwar) of the man who might be able to make his dream a reality. It's a fun, if lightweight, film. The best of the set, however, is 1987's The Secret of My Succe$s starring Fox as a mail-room clerk who begins to work double-duty as a company executive under an assumed name. Gloriously goofy, the entertaining film is responsible for firmly cementing my long-time crush on Helen Slater.

The Secret of My Succe$s is definitely worth owning. I've put the film on a couple of lists over the years including this group of romantic movies centering around young love. For Love or Money and The Hard Way can both be mildly diverting in their own way, but Greedy is certainly the least of the collection.

[Universal Studios Home Entertainment, $9.99]

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