Friday, February 24, 2017

Legion - Chapter 3

Leave to the craziest character to make the most logical deduction. Ever since he left the mental institution, David (Dan Stevens) has been surrounded by people telling him that he isn't sick and that all his episodes and mental problems are only manifestations of his powers which he never properly learned to deal with and control. The idea that no one, other than David himself, has raised is that it isn't necessarily and either/or proposition. Mutant or schizophrenic? Why can only one of those be true? Just because he's a mutant doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't also have mental issues. And if a mutant of David's ability is indeed crazy, what does that mean for the world?

Led by Dr. Melanie Bird (Jean Smart), the mutant experts take another dive into the river of David's memories. Still finding resistance, the choice to sedate David to calm him initially has positive effects, but also leaves the group of Bird, Syd (Rachel Keller), and Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) vulnerable when David isn't there to prevent things from going horribly wrong. Chapter 3 gives us more of the boogeyman of David's mind, and it's an important distinction that Syd can see more of David's memories and subconscious than either of the other two visitors. She sees enough to be afraid in the moment, but is it enough to understand the Pandora's Box they are unleashing onto the world?

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