Saturday, February 18, 2017

Legion - Chapter 2

On his own outside of the mental institution, David (Dan Stevens) accepts the invitation to go with Syd (Rachel Keller) to a sort of summer camp for mutants run by Dr. Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) who hopes to repair David's mind and teach him that his delusions are actually manifestations of his powers. With the help of Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris), David begins reliving memories from his past, but it soon becomes clear there's more going on in David's mind than Bird or Ptonomy bargained for. The folks at Summerland also discover David's willingness to cooperate has its limits as his time in a MRI ends with another impressive use of his powers, while also showing David's ability to touch his sister's mind from miles away.

Two episodes in, Legion continues to play on the idea of something dark hiding in the recesses of David's mind along with an unconscious effort by the mutant to hide certain conversations from the prying eyes of Ptonomy and Bird. While Syd briefly mentions using David's powers when they were switched, it's unclear how much she understands about his power set or his various mental issues. Division 3 continues its search for the mutants, but I'll be disappointed if their role is much more than a red herring as David has for more trouble to bring to bear all on his own.

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