Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Supergirl - Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

Love is in the air in Supergirl's Valentine's Day episode. Unfortunately for everyone but Winn (Jeremy Jordan) the stench is a bit hard to bear. The arrival of the Fifth-Dimensional imp Mr. Mxyzptlk (Peter Gadiot), who declares his love for Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), throws a wrench into Kara and Mon-El's (Chris Wood) romance before it even gets started. Mxyzptlk's attempts to prove himself, and Mon-El's attempts to kill him, force Kara to make some drastic moves to keep the Daxamite at arms length while finding just the right motivation to send her would-be suitor back to the Fifth Dimension.

A long-standing Superman villain, I enjoyed the show's use of Mister Mxyzptlk to be infatuated with Kara and not her cousin. His sheer admiration for Kara made him come off a bit more like Bat-Mite than I was expecting, but, despite The CW makeover, I had fun with the character. The imp's magic is impressive in his attempts to woo Supergirl, although should he return I'm guessing he'll be a bit less cordial next time around.

I was less impressed with Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie's (Floriana Lima) Valentine drama. Both acting like confused pre-teens who have never been in a relationship together, the struggle for them to find a way to celebrate the holiday was hard to watch (and the conclusion, of Maggie giving in to an even cheesier version that what Alex was proposing felt... off). The subplot did offer an excuse to expose a bit of Maggie's romantic baggage, but the reveal could have been done without the sitcom nonsense. While Kara and Mon-El and Maggie and Alex all find some Valentine's Day love, it's Winn who turns out to be the bigger winner with the introduction of a new lady friend (Tamzin Merchant), who I'm hoping we see much more of in the future, and a relationship just minutes old already more stable than that of his friends.

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