Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Green Arrow #16

Green Arrow #16 begins with a happy reunion but ends in tragedy. The return of Emiko Queen certainly lightens Oliver's recent hardships which include being hunted by the Seattle Police, having Oliver Queen thought dead, and living in the forest as a modern day outlaw.

Working with Chief Westberg, Ollie, Emi, Black Canary, and Diggle take down the dangerous rogue cops known as the Vice Squad. It's a big win for Green Arrow, both in cleaning up the streets and repairing his tarnished reputation, but before the night is even over celebration will turn to tragedy with the return of the Dark Archer Malcolm Merlyn.

Even if Green Arrow #16 lacks a big super-villain threat (Merlyn only appears late in a cameo), the issue works well focusing on Ollie's reunion with Emi and earning a big win for himself and his city. Merlyn's sudden reappearance, and the death of Westberg (which is a deep personal blow to Green Arrow after finally finding a true ally on the police force he could trust), lead into the "Emerald Outlaw" conclusion in the next issue. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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