Monday, February 20, 2017

Super Sons #1

Robin and Superboy get their own team-up title in Super Sons. Benched by Batman for not taking his studies more seriously, a bored Damian shows up in Kansas to see how the other half lives. Hiding in a disguise as the school bus driver, Damian spends some time getting a measure of Jon Kent before deciding to reveal himself.

Super Sons #1 plays up the differences of the two super-hero children while showing us Damian as a bad influence who will likely get Jon into lots of trouble. Convincing Superboy to investigate break-ins in Metropolis, the pair head out only to run into the city's new hero (and Superman's former arch-nemesis) while looking into robberies at LexCorp facilities.

The new series is unexpected but not unwelcome. Robin and Superboy make for an entertaining team. The biggest question concerning their team-ups is what happens when their parents find out? One would think their sons travelling across the country would be noticed sooner rather than later by the likes of Batman and Superman. For fans.

[DC, $2.99]

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