Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hawaii Five-0 - Ka pa'ani nui

Hawaii Five-0 uses a staple of movie and television villains for it's latest episode when the death of a young woman in a remote region of Hawaii leads them to suspect that a Nazi war criminal has been in hiding for 70 years. The B-story involves the unrelated homicide of a rich dickhole on the island looking to go shark hunting. While the evidence initially seems to point to the groups protecting sharks, the truth is actually quite the opposite.

"Ka pa'ani nui" is pretty standard fare. The episode also uses the old "cut him off" maneuver where one member of the team cuts off a fleeing suspect by covering twice the distance in less time and always guessing correctly which direction and turns the suspect will make. Neither story proves to be much of a standout, and the episode is peppered with character interactions such as Gover's (Chi McBride) grouching about Will (Chosen Jacobs) and Grace's (Teilor Grubbs) reliance on their phones and Kamekona (Taylor Wily) dealing with a workers' strike.

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