Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jessica Jones #5

Jessica Jones #5 leaves Jessica's secret undercover mission, and her drama with Luke Cage (although we do get an interlude with Luke and Ben Urich), to focus back on the case she involving a scared client who should couldn't save from her homicidal husband. Sitting down with the man, who turned himself in and asked for Jessica specifically, our normally tough-as-nails private eye gets her world rocked by a kind of crazy that makes more and more sense the longer the man explains his actions and view of the world.

Somehow aware of the events of Secret Wars and the fallout of the Avengers choosing to destroy multiple universes and kill billions, Mr. Brownlee explains his rather awful murder of his wife and why none of it matters at all. In his view, the Avengers broke his world, overwrote it with a flimsy copy, and nothing in this reality matters in the least. The trouble for Jessica is, despite he man's particular brand of crazy, the more he speaks the more she realizes that he's probably right, which may be an issue sending her in with that mindset going undercover with a group hellbent on exposing super-heroes and their secrets. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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