Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Jessica Jones #18

The aptly-titled "The Big Goodbye" isn't only writer Brian Michael Bendis' final comic on the character created but it's also one of the last comics of Bendis' run at Marvel before moving to DC. The set-up gives us a Jessica a bit more in control than usual, while the world around her is still quite crazy. Hired by the girlfriend of the Armadillo (a D-list Marvel character if there ever was one) to find the unfortunate sod who has being picking fights with all the wrong super-hero types and convince him to come home leads Jessica to conversations with various heroes including Spider-Man, the other Spider-Man, the Thing, and Ironheart.

Eventually Jessica tracks down the Armadillo whose self-loathing reminds the private-eye a little too much of her own. While it initially appears she doesn't get through to him (he does punch her through a wall), it turns out her words do hit the mark and lead him home. Case closed. With the story Bendis gives Jessica a perfect day for the character he introduced to the Marvel Universe more than 16 years ago. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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