Monday, April 9, 2018

Legion - Chapter 9

The Second Season of Legion pics up nearly a year after the First Season finale with the recovery of David (Dan Stevens) who has no memory of where he's been since his abduction (other than dancing with the Shadow King in a club at some point in time). In his absence, his friends have joined Division 3 (to work for a man with a basket on his head) and have continued to search for the missing Shadow King, now in the body of the missing Oliver (Jemaine Clement), who is searching the world for his real body which would allow him to fully manifest once more. As David is questioned by various people at Division 3, most who question his amnesia, he also begins to reconnect with Syd (Rachel Keller) and try to piece together just what happened to him during his missing year.

As with the episodes from the previous season, "Chapter 9" is highly stylized and not always presented in a linear fashion. Two main themes of the season are set-up in the premiere: the search for the Shadow King and David's investigation into his own lost time. Complicating matters are a regained memory at the end of the episode in David's prison sphere where a future version of Syd implores her boyfriend to help the Shadow King in his quest. Is this a trick? More mind games? Or has David's allegiance been split before he even officially joins Division 3?

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