Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Supergirl - In Search of Lost Time

The common theme of loss of control plays out in both storylines of "In Search of Lost Time." M'yrnn's (Carl Lumbly) mental deterioration begins to effect those closest to him when the Martian's mental exercises begin pushing out intensive emotional waves that turn DEO coworkers against each other and Suprgirl (Melissa Benoist) against Mon-El (Chris Wood). Speaking of Mon-El, the episode gives us the first look at his Legion super-hero suit (not too shabby) along with some cape training with Kara (which, while effective, still looks pretty damn goofy). Although the psychic blast pushes Kara into letting out some aggression on her former boyfriend, it also appears to have finally cleared the air between the two, and just in time because it appears the third Kryptonian threat has finally decided to make an appearance.

The episode's B-story picks up with Lena (Katie McGrath) attempting to help Sam (Odette Annable) with her condition. Sam's refusal to believe that she's become a super-powered killing machine during her blackouts, prompts Lena to push her friend to her limits and arrange a recording of her super-murdery alter-ego in full temper tantrum. With Lena and Sam now both aware of who Reign is, the question becomes how long until that information is shared with Supergirl (and why do I get the feeling it will be ten-minutes too late)?

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