Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Flash - Lose Yourself

Playing close to form, "Lose Yourself" features a heartbreaking defeat for Team Flash. Not only does the super-villain out-think the team and take down the last remaining bus meta, but DeVoe also cuts even closer to home when he takes Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) as well. Barry's (Grant Gustin) failure is complete. Every single one of the bus metahumans created by his return from the Speed Force has been killed off by the super-villain who now controls all of their abilities. And it doesn't appear that he's done just yet.

I've had mixed feelings about Ralph as a character. While his introduction has added some humor to proceedings this season, he's also brought out some of the worse aspects of Barry as a character pushing him into dick mode (and now, with his death, likely back into morose brooding mode). The loss of Caitlin's (Danielle Panabaker) powers and a failure for Harry (Tom Cavanagh) are also damaging for the team that is quickly running out of allies. Thankfully, it appears a familiar face will return next week as our team of scrappy heroes attempts to fight back against a villain who has been two steps ahead of them this entire season.

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