Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Flash - Null and Annoyed

Without a reason for the change, Ralph (Devon Graye) backpedals into the and even more jokey and less reliable friend first introduced this season as he and Barry (Grant Gustin) search for another of the bus meta-humans. Of course, Barry falling back into jerk mode doesn't help the situation any. Giving herself the name Null (Bethany Brown), the new meta has the ability to alter gravitational forces on people and things making them temporarily weightless (before plummeting back to Earth with a big bang). "Null and Annoyed" is pretty forgettable, as it feels like the show is treading water leading up the the inevitable confrontation with DeVoe.

The episode has multiple subplots inculcating Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) making a discovery that the person who used to be Clifford DeVoe has been controlling her by altering her emotions with one of his new stolen powers and the return of Breacher (Danny Trejo) who enlists the help of Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) when his vibe powers go on the fritz. Neither subplot has a happy ending when the characters discover the truth about what is happening to them. And, in a nod to his own films, Kevin Smith (who also directed the episode) has a cameo along with Jason Mewes as museum security guards who Null steals from early in the episode.

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