Friday, April 13, 2018

SEAL Team - Credible Threat

Bravo Team is assigned to protect a delegation of government officials on a publicity tour to give the illusion to the folks back home that the area is more stabilized than it actually is. The detail is complicated as the members insist on taking unnecessary risks, making it more and more difficult for the SEALs to perform their duties, and the fact that suspected terrorist Salim Hakan (Ismail Bashey) has been added to the group without notifying Bravo beforehand. Bravo and the United States officials all manage to get out alive, although Hakan is killed by a sniper shooting at the group. At first the assumption is that he was an unfortunate casualty caught in the crossfire, although Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré) raises the possibility that perhaps the sniper got exactly who he was shooting at and eliminated someone the CIA had targeted before Hakan could reveal what he knew.

With the death of Hakan and the revelation of someone behind him, the goal post for Bravo in avenging Echo Team is pushed back yet again. The re-injury of Rey's (Neil Brown Jr.) shoulder returns to a theme from earlier in the season as the cost of him hiding his condition from his team appears to have finally come due. Sure, the pompous politicians with no sense of their own safety seemed a bit cliche, but the plot fit into the overall themes of the show. I'm more troubled by the subplot of Davis (Toni Trucks) and Clay (Max Thieriot) looking into suitors for their lovers back home, as relationships and soap opera drama have been one of the biggest weaknesses of the show so far, but it was nice to see Davis interacting with a member of the team for something not on-mission.

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