Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Skyward #1

Set in the not-so-distant future the world is upside down. Well, not literally upside down. Just... up in the air. Gravity has stopped, and you are now only as safe as far as you tether or to the nearest solid object to grab onto.

For Willa Fowler the city is an adventure, taking a job as a delivery girl (and all kinds of risks to get the package there on time), but she craves more. Tied to the city where she has always lived, Willa wants to journey further out into the world (which the absence of gravity makes problematic). While such an undertaking is something her overprotective father understands, it isn't something he can condone. However, he does have a way to fix the world.

Writer Joe Henderson and artist Lee Garbett offer up an interesting premise for the new Image series. An untethered future overs unique challenges for our protagonist. In a single issue they set-up the world, give us some insight into how reckless (yet resourceful) Willa can be, and foreshadow the end goal. Can Willa's father really save the world? (And does he hold some responsibility for what happened?) Worth a look.

[Image, $3.99]

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