Friday, April 27, 2018

The Blacklist - Ian Garvey: Conclusion

"Ian Garvey: Conclusion" likely wraps up the the Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) saga in a fun episode in which no character gets exactly what they want. Filled with betrayal and twists, and the amusing return of Raleigh Sinclair (John Noble), this one is a hell of a lot of fun. With the FBI unable to take Garvey down by legal means, and wanting to keep an important secret from Elizabeth (Megan Boone), Reddington (James Spader) chooses to use a bit of misdirection by framing Garvey for the murder of the corrupt cop's drug-dealer meal-ticket. Neither Liz, nor the audience, learn the importance of the duffel bag full of bones, but due to Garvey's shooting, Red gets no closer to regaining his property either.

While there's a chance Garvey survives in the hospital, other than giving up the location of the duffel bag I'm not sure what else the charater has to offer at this point. The episode isn't without some questionable choices. Despite her curiosity, I'm not sure I buy Liz letting Garvey live when she has a chance to put an end to the man who murdered her husband in cold blood. Also, the insertion of Red's other daughter (Fiona Dourif) seems a bit out-of-the-blue and far too coincidental without some context. Why was Garvey looking out for her? And the series needs to stop giving so much time to Aram's (Amir Arison) love life, please.

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