Thursday, April 5, 2018

Legion - The Complete First Season

Dan Stevens stars as mutant and former mental patient David Haller. Over the course of the season's eight episodes we'll see David leave the institution, be pursued by one mysterious group and be recruited by another all while questioning his own sanity. Adapted by show creator Noah Hawley, the highly-stylized show takes the X-Men character in unusual directions for a super-hero TV-show.

Highlights of the short First Season include the malevolent identity within him (played by Aubrey Plaza) taking action against his new friends, David questioning the premise that he isn't crazy, David getting lost in his own mind, and David's battle against the Shadow King.

Collected on both Blu-ray and DVD, the complete First Season of FX's Legion includes short featurettes on David, the romance between David and Syd (Rachel Keller), the abilities of the show's mutants, make-up, visual effects, locations, and costume design.

[20th Century Fox, Blu-ray $29.99 / DVD $39.98]

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