Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Truth or Dare

Director Jeff Wadlow's Blumhouse's Truth or Dare is pretty standard stuff as a group of college kids get in over their heads in a bizarre situation that threatens all of their lives. While on their final spring break of college in Mexico, a stranger (Landon Liboiron) invites Olivia (Lucy Hale), Markie (Violett Beane), Lucas (Tyler Posey), Penelope (Sophia Ali), Tyson (Nolan Gerard Funk), Brad (Hayden Szeto), and Ronnie (Sam Lerner) to a cursed mission where he entices them into a game of truth or dare that gets deadly serious.

Even after returning to college days later, the students find themselves still stuck in a game that forces them to tell secret truths to and about each other or perform increasingly dangerous dares. Failure or refusal of a turn isn't an option as death claims the player.

For a low-rent B-horror movie, I'll admit I was never bored by Truth or Dare. Sure, there's plenty of issues with script, character, and questionable plot points, but the film managed to keep a modest level of interest from me until the credits rolled. If ultimately not that memorable (think a dumber Final Destination), the film flirts at times with the so bad it's good category with some ridiculous deaths and bizarre visuals.

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