Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lucifer - The Angel of San Bernardino

Maze's (Lesley-Ann Brandt) dark turn continues this week as she helps Pierce (Tom Welling) gaslight Lucifer (Tom Ellis) by turning the devil's attention away from the immortal moving in on his girl while distracting him with the idea that his father may be controlling him in his sleep. Refusing to go back to sleep, Lucifer's behavior only becomes more erratic while Chloe (Lauren German) comes awfully close to giving Pierce exactly what he wants. The cruelty by Maze is chilling while an out-of-control, and therefore unbelievable, Lucifer attempts to unsuccessfully spill the beans to the detective about who exactly she is sharing her bed with.

The murder of the week takes a back-burner here (although that doesn't stop Lucifer from solving the case), while the focus is almost entirely on the Lucifer/Chloe/Pierce triangle. The episode offers a couple of twists in the final moment by having Pierce back out of his plan (which was never actually explained all that well) at the last moment and have his mark disappear. With four episodes of the season remaining, it appears the twice-burned Chloe will have to put in some serious thought about just who, and what, she wants. As for Maze, just what wrath may Lucifer unleash?

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