Monday, August 3, 2020

Angel + Spike #12

"All the Devils Are Here" comes to a close as Angel holds off a possessed Gunn who takes a run at Kate Lockley while the fate of the Feeder demon demon, and major repercussions for herself, comes down to a choice for Fred.

Angel + Spike #12 continues the large divergence of events in the rebooted Buffyverse as Fred chooses of her own free will to bond with the demon Baphomet giving her the power to drive the Feeder demon out of Gunn and into the world allowing Spike to destroy it once and for all. Now come the consequences.

As Lilith states, Angel chose Kate's safety over Fred. Now bonded with Baphomet, Fred has been given a new position: CEO of Wolfram & Hart. As to how much of Fred remains (from what little Lilith reveals it appears Fred has be joined with the demon rather than taken over by him), and whether she is still friend or enemy, that remains to be seen. What happens when Angel interferes with the plans of Wolfram & Hart?

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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