Monday, August 31, 2020

Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1

Dynamite Entertainment is known for throwing together odd pairings for crossover mini-series. Mars Attacks Red Sonja #1 does just that with providing a storyline of the 60s trading company aliens from the red planet attacking Earth during Red Sonja's time when the Martian Chief Science Advisor Xi'Zeer sought to conquer the planet under the guise of a diplomatic mission to Earth for the Martian Emperor.

As goofy as the concept sounds, it does offer the chance for some bizarre action by pitting the She-Devil with the Sword against superior Martian technology. Gaining a victory while protecting Bryssendyn refuges also earns her the notice of both a Bryssendyn warrior in need of transporting priceless cargo and Xi'Zeer.

With the humans unable to communicate with the Martians, I wouldn't expect a lot of snappy dialogue back and forth but the series should offer it's share of Sonja-on-Martian violence with a large assortment of Martian warriors for Sonja to slice through.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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