Monday, August 24, 2020

Harley Quinn #75

Harley Quinn #75 offers writer Sam Humphries' big messy farewell to the character as the series comes to an end. Taking place almost entirely within Harley's mind, the issue offers a roast of the clown on her birthday for her adoring fans. The format allows for multiple separate adventures, drawn by different artists, with the thin thread of all of the madness being fed by Harley's discomfort about her birthday.

Notably absent in the final issue's farewell is an appearance by Booster Gold leaving readers to wonder if we'll get to see these two characters together any time soon.

What the issue does deliver is plenty of Harley Quinn craziness including her joining the Justice League as part of the Super-Friends, being part of the Suicide Squad, a look back at her childhood, and more. The disparate styles of the stories are sometimes striking, but fans of the character should have fun with the unusual set-up featuring plenty of in-jokes and wackiness.

[DC, $5.99]

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