Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Avengers #35

Thankfully the problematic racial overtunes of the last issue are left behind here as "The Age of Khonshu - Part Three: You Don't Beat the Devil by Being an Angel" puts to focus back on Khonshu's attempts to accumulate power by sending Moon Knight after the Starbrand Baby protected by Iron Man and Carol Danvers. Despite his goal to protect the child, a freaked-out Tony Stark nearly hands the baby over to Moon Knight at the mere mention of Khonshu's enemy.

Khonshu's murder of Mephisto appears to have not have stuck as the Moon God is attacked by several different versions of Marvel's Devil Incarnate. Are Khonsu's fears about what Mephisto will do to the world well-founded? Or just the excuse needed to seize power and remake the world in his own image?

Elsewhere, Captain America, Blade, and She-Hulk rescue some of their captured allies aboard the Moon Train. But it's the Avenger left behind that shows up to confront the Khonshu heading into the next issue.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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