Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Once and Future #10

Last issue's death of Bewoulf doesn't take long to come back and haunt Duncan and his Bridgette as the epic poem's villain shows up in the retirement community of Duncan's grandmother.

Once and Future #10 brings back the bit of the fun from earlier issues as Bridgette is able to stand strong while telling a freaked-out young man, this time one of the nurses at the nursing home (rather than her grandson), to stay calm. The tension runs high here with Bridgette looking for any edge to stay alive while Grendel haunts the halls. Contrasting that, we see just how far Duncan has come in a dozen issues as he hijacks a taxi and gunpoint to try and reach his grandmother.

The issue comes to a close with the creature making short work of local police (yeah, pretty useless as Bridgette suggested, although their deaths do buy a little time) and Bridgette discovering just how big a hole she's dug in dispatching the story's hero and leaving no one left to kill the beast. Will Duncan be up to the challenge?

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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