Monday, August 24, 2020

Lucifer - Really Sad Devil Guy

When last we saw Lucifer (Tom Ellis) he said farewell to Chloe (Lauren German) and chose to return to Hell. While only two months have passed on Earth, Lucifer's time in Hell has been far longer. Working with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Chloe still hasn't dealt with her loss while Lucifer has picked-up his old ways of judgement and torture (even if his heart really isn't in it). When a murder victim from Los Angeles (Jeremiah Birkett) shows up for torture, Lucifer attempts to relive his salad days and solve the murder realizing the Chloe is working the case on Earth. Attempting to offer punishment only highlights Lucifer's own Hell, but he is able to get a message to Chloe, albeit one mangled by a demon, to help her on the case.

Separated by an eternity, the set-up of "Really Sad Devil Guy" offers a chance to view both Lucifer and Chloe looking at a crime in their own way (while also pointing out just how much control Lucifer has over Hell). It also showcases how each character struggles without the other, both in investigation and in matters of the heart (for Maze as well, who has latched on to Chloe a bit too tightly in the past few months). The episode's ending offers the season's big twist, in which Lucifer shows up on Earth to save Chloe. However, that's not Lucifer. Someone is impersonating the human form the Devil took on Earth, although we'll have to wait and learn just who is responsible and what they are after. Had the twist not been given away in the season's trailer it would have had more effect, but it still works to set the stage for what is to come.

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