Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Young Justice #17

I kinda love this issue. Taking place after the dust has cleared between the epic battle between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom we get a quiet standalone story featuring the League and Young Justice doing clean-up in Metropolis and teenager Yolanda Chan being bowled over at what she is witnessing.

There are some nice moments of camaraderie here as the Young Justice team continues to gel along with some sweet mentor/apprentice conversations between League members and the Young Justice heroes (the best of this involves Wonder Woman checking in with Wonder Girl and the Flash, thankfully minus all the extra crappy New 52 additions to his costume, catching up with Impulse at super-speed).

Disconnected from the team's larger story, this is an issue you could skip without missing anything of huge importance but the writing in so good here and framing much of story through the eyes of Yolanda offers an Astro City vibe (damn I miss that comic) that hits just the right notes as Drake reminds the reader that there are many ways to be a hero.

[DC, $3.99]

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