Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Locke & Key - Family Tree

The primary focus of "Family Tree" is the use of the Music Box Key, the first of two keys Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Tyler (Connor Jessup) will discover together over the course of the episode. Learning that it allows the user control of whoever is nearby, Kinsey decides to take the key and the music box to school in order to teach school bully Eden (Hallea Jones) a lesson. It doesn't take long for the situation to get out of hand, leaving both Tyler and Scot (Petrice Jones) concerned with how far Kinsey takes her revenge. Kinsey's experimentation highlights how much she's changed since exercising her fear and how the power of the keys can so easily corrupt anyone who handles them.

It's the second key, the one found towards the end of the episode, that gives the episode its name. The Plant Key, unlocks jars of memories from the grounds of Keyhouse Manor including those featuring the kids' father and his friends who may not have drowned as everyone believes. The jars also offer an alternative to what happened to the previous generation's memories about the keys. Maybe they weren't lost from growing up but instead were literally buried. The other major threads of "Family Tree" involve Tyler getting closer with Jackie (Genevieve Kang) and Nina (Darby Stanchfield) discovering a troubling coincidence involving her husband and Ellie (Sherri Saum). Nina's decision to discuss what she found with Joe (Steven Williams) may or may not have directly lead to his death.

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