Thursday, December 2, 2021

Alex Rider - Hunt

An attempt by Alex Rider (Otto Farrant) to find the Department of Special Operations and convince them that Gregorvich (Thomas Levin) is responsible for the attack in Cornwall is only partly successful. With the help of  Tom (Brenock O’Connor), Alex is able to find and track Blunt (Stephen Dillane) at his private club. However, instead of leading him back to spy headquarters, Alex accidentally stumbles into a stakeout and the attempted capture of a cyber-hacker who recently made an attack on the Pentagon.

Several scenes of the second episode feature the Department working with Blunt's American counterpart from the CIA (Rakie Ayola) who will have serious questions about just who Alex is. While apparently unrelated, the hacker (who manages to get away because of Alex's appearance) will play an integral role in putting Alex back onto the path of a larger mystery (even if his old friends at the Department of Special Operations are far from ready to put their trust in what they see as a damaged young man jumping at shadows). Things are going to get harder for Alex before he has enough pieces of the puzzle to make sense of what he's wandered into this time.

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