Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Human Target #3

I can't say enough about how much I am loving this comic that continues to mix a dying detective's noir search for his own killer with just the right notes of Justice League International nostalgia. The Human Target #3 not only gives us Guy Gardner, who shows up to throw a hissy fit after discovering Ice is spending time with Christopher Chance, but also more of Ice and Chance together, and Chance talking to another former JLI member in full self-promotion mode.

We get Booster Gold in almost all his glory (sadly, no Elvis collar) along with Gardner, and Ice are all put to great use here. The cherry on top here is an unexpected final cameo of the one person who could get Guy to back off which. Aside for being a pitch perfect nod to the comic history Tom King is playing in, it further illustrates how smart and innovative Chance is, even if he remains far from finding his killer.

[DC, $4.99]

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