Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Cleopatra in Space - My Pharaoh Lady

"My Pharaoh Lady" brings back Pharaoh Yosira (Kari Wahlgren) who needs to oversee delicate talks attempting to bring to separate alien races into the fight against Octavian. But when in intelligence suggests someone at the summit is already working for Octavian, Cleopatra (Lilimar) takes her place going in undercover as Yosira in hopes of discovering the traitor before it's too late. There's some fun Cleo in over-her-head moments here, and Yosira rubbing off on the the impulsive time-traveler. The unexpected piece of the episode involves Cleo rubbing off on the Pharaoh as Yosira discovers she quite likes Cleo's more adventures lifestyle. 

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