Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Noir Burlesque #1

Enrico Marini's Noir Burlesque #1 begins a noir tale set around a local mob boss, a returning solider turned professional thug with a debt to pay, and the beautiful dancer who will come between them. Marini's first issue gets the tone of the genre with Slick being a bit too rough for his own good getting into trouble with Rex and his former love Caprice who is now married to the mob boss he owes money to.

Noir Burlesque has the feel of a story which won't turn out well for any of our characters. The muted art with splashes of color captures the feel of 50s noir while the story unfolds leading to a confrontation between Slick and Rex and an impossible task to clear our protagonist's ledger.

[Europe Comics, $8.99]

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