Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Devil's Reign #1

Wilson Fisk has declared war on super-heroes. The new mini-series cross-over event gives us a pissed off former Kingpin taking on Daredevil and anyone else he can inflict harm upon as a means of revenge against the guardian of Hell's Kitchen who he knows, but can't prove, has messed with his mind. Using super-villains as agents of the law, the Mayor of New York is targeting heroes including Daredevil, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, other Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, and others. 

The idea of villains using politics to attack heroes isn't a new one (most notably with DC's Lex Luthor becoming President). By the end of the issue, Fisk has the heroes on the run as even to help pull New Yorkers out of burning buildings makes them a target for Fisk's goon squad. The team's solution... Tony Stark for Mayor? Um, okay?


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