Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Legacies - You Will Remember Me

Hope's (Danielle Rose Russell) mission to take down the Triad heats up before the episode, and the season, takes an unexpected turn. After eliminating both the witch and werewolf factions, Hope runs into trouble during her confrontation with the re-introduction of The Originals character Aurora de Martel (Rebecca Breeds) who is still holing animosity to Klaus and his entire family. In a season where Hope has become the potential new big bad, Aurora brings back the idea of The Originals body-swap to give her control of Hope's nearly indestructible body.

The remainder of the episode involves Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) making an important discovery at the school (which takes an entirely different meaning after Aurora gets control of Hope's body), Josie (Kaylee Bryant) working through an important realization in the Therapy Box (a concept the show has been overusing the past couple of seasons), and Alaric (Matthew Davis) struggling to earn a coin to help him get out of Limbo. The real question is, now that Aurora has Hope's body, what are her plans? And what will Hope do next?

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