Monday, December 13, 2021

Batman #118

After stopping a few of his foes from crashing a Bat-Villain themed party for the Billionaire's Ball, Batman heads overseas where a number of Batman, Inc. heroes have been arrest for the murder of a super-villain called Abyss, a murder Batman believes they committed. The question is why?

Batman #118 ushers in a new creative team, a mystery for Batman outside of Gotham City, and, once he touches down in Badhnisia, a change into the Batman, Inc. costume for our Caped Crusader. I've got to say I'm happy to have the Bat-Symbol back on our hero, but the lack of trunks (plus the unnecessary seams) means we still are denied Batman's classic look as DC seems incapable of providing more than half of a good costume for our hero. As for the mystery, it seems Batman may have an ally (of sorts) in... Lex Luthor?

[DC, $3.99]

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