Thursday, December 23, 2021

The Matrix (Zombie) Resurrections

What a piece of shit. I'm pretty sure The Matrix Resurrections exists solely to shut-up people who thought it was impossible to make a Matrix film worse than The Matrix Revolutions. Well, there's no argument now. Holy fuck, this movie is awful while constantly preening at the camera (often in bad makeup) smugly thinking it's the shit by repackaging fan fiction takes on The Matrix as original content.

The reimagining/sequel brings back Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, along with a few other familiar faces, while recasting other key roles, relying completely on nostalgia and emotion for the original film (often restaging or simply replaying  scenes), and blending that all together in a mishmash of half-baked ideas that ignores as much about the original films and characters as it uses when it suits the film's purposes.

In a series known for its diminishing returns, The Matrix Resurrections hits rock bottom. There's absolutely no reason for this film to exist other than attempt to remove the collective bad taste left in fans mouths after The Matrix Revolutions which this does nothing to alleviate when it gleefully shits into your open mouth. There's a basic horror trope about resurrection and reincarnation where the process inevitably goes wrong and person you were hoping to bring back to life returns as a Zombie-Frankensteinish monster of their former selves. That, my friends, is The Matrix Resurrections.

  • Title: The Matrix Resurrections
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