Thursday, December 9, 2021

Alex Rider - Mirror

Alex (Otto Farrant) gets the attention of the hacker Smoking Mirror (Tom Mothersdale) who he unwittingly helped escape from Department of Special Operations. The hacker arranges a meet with the boy, leaving the security of his hacker collective not aware has already been compromised as Gregorvich (Thomas Levin) is hot on his trail. Smoking Mirror mistakenly believes Alex can bring him in, not aware he's on the outs with the Department, but Gregorvich shows up and kills him, and nearly kills Alex as well until he recognizes him.

The assassin allows Alex to escape after her realize who he is as the show continues to tease the relationship between the young spy and the assassin who murdered his uncle. Along with the death of Smoking Mirror, the episode also introduces Toby Stephens as game designer Damian Cray whose big upcoming game release has been referenced multiple times up until now. It's Cray who Smoking Mirror is deathly afraid of. While he's killed before he can provide Alex with any details, Alex knows there's something ominous about the game's release in less than seven days that is tied to the attack on the journalist and now the death of the hacker.

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