Friday, January 13, 2023

Alert: Missing Persons Unit - Chloe

The first episode of Alert: Missing Persons Unit introduces us to Jason Grant (Scott Caan) and Nikki Parker (Dania Ramirez) whose marriage implodes after the disappearance of their son. Years later, with Nikki working for the Missing Person's Unit in Philadelphia, she brings Scott in on an unusual case where terrorists have abducted the daughter of an agent of the CIA. The event coincides with the first picture of what appears to be Jason and Nikki's son which makes up the other storyline of the episode, eventually reuniting them with a young man who is accepted as, but may not in fact be, their son.

"Chloe" isn't bad, but one episode in the show does feel a bit paint-by-number trying to squeeze into a small niche of the already crowded cop show genre. If the thread tying the season together is going to be the truth about their son, I'm not sure that's worth sticking around for, but case of the week is handled well enough. Caan is more controlled here, almost dour for him, not bringing the same energy to the screen as in the Oceans movies or Hawaii Five-0. Given enough time, maybe the show will find it's footing, although if it plans to drag out the mystery of their "son" for several episodes I'm not sure that its worth the time.

  • Title: Alert: Missing Persons Unit - Chloe
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