Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Leverage: Redemption - The Big Rig Job

Just before Christmas, the Leverage team targets a trucking company whose new owners' (Garrett Coffey and Kate Eastman) predatory practices are stealing money from employees and lining their own pockets, and also smuggling guns for the local mafia, while planning to gut and sell the company. After the team's antics tank the inspection of the prospective buyers, Parker (Beth Riesgraf) and Harry (Noah Wyle) step-in as a reality-TV crew gaining more access and getting the would-be influencer of the siblings on-tape about her dirty business practices (a thread which the episode drops after the smuggling in discovered).

Sophie (Gina Bellman) discovers a dispatcher (Denitra Isler) smuggling toys to keep the orphanage toy drive alive. Unfortunately, that same truck is where the guns are being shipped and where Breanna (Aleyse Shannon) gets locked in when the owner makes a run for it. In the end, the episode doesn't play on the would-be social media reach or purse business, but instead sets up an action-driven final act on the fly. "The Big Rig Job" is notable for reprising Parker's (Beth Riesgraf) Christmas spirit, seeing Eliot (Christian Kane) jump on a moving truck to save Breanna, and a small but effective twist at the end where the Leverage crew deliver the guns to the police.

  • Title: Leverage: Redemption - The Big Rig Job
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