Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Jack Ryan - Running with Wolves

The Jack Ryan (John Krasinski) on the run storyline continues with Jack and Mike (Michael Kelly) tracing the information on Sokol back to its surprising source whose experience adds weight to the fact that Sokol is real but whose position isn't likely to be accepted by the West. Greer (Wendell Pierce) continues to investigate the assassination and makes a discovery about a larger threat which helps confirm Jack's information about Sokol. The episode also makes quick end of the Russian super soldier after Jack which the show had built up over two episodes. 

The amount of time spent away from Jack in these episodes, with sequences that can begin to drag, is becoming a problem. While there's enough in Greer's story to keep things moving, and there's some humor to Jack playing Wright (Betty Gabriel) and the CIA and sending them off on a goose chase, the machinations of evil Russians in the woods (taking up a quarter or so of the episode's runtime) feels like filler.

  • Title: Jack Ryan - Running with Wolves
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