Monday, January 23, 2023

Nightwing #100

Celebrating 100 issues for the character's solo run, Nightwing #100 features Nightwing and his pals the Titans dealing with Heartless' prison break in Bludhaven leading to hundreds of people (both super-powered criminals and normal people held for an inability to pay bail) released on the streets. With the help of his friends, Nightwing is able to turn the tide although Heartless does manage to slip away.

In terms of larger storylines, the comic uses multiple artists to provide nods to the character's history (some subtle and some less so), providing an emotional moment between Dick and Bruce, and also suggests a new role for our hero moving forward. I'll say everything was working really well for me until the final reveal of more status quo "surprise" of Dick leading the Titans which contradicted several larger ideas of change the comic teased. Still, well worth a read for Nightwing fans.

[DC, $6.99]

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