Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Star Wars #30

Aboard a stolen alien ship with unusual hyperspace technology, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando, Lobot, and Amilyn Holdo find themselves off the map in unknown space. Attempts to jump back to hyperspace leave the Rebels exactly where they started unable to leave "No-Space" where they run into some strange locals who inform them there is no way home.

As most Star Wars comics need to do, Star Wars #30 works around the edges of the established Star Wars timeline offering an off-beat tale, a new alien group, and an adventure that keys into one of the biggest needs of a Rebellion: fuel to keep the fight against the Empire going. It's not must-read material by any means, but it did pique my interest about where this story might go.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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